Everyone loves their add-ons for a new car and choosing those little features to enhance the performance or style of the car can be fun. Most people add things on like entertainment features, lights or reflectors or new brakes. When you decide you want to modify your car, always think safety first! There’s no use changing things about your car if it will affect the way it is handled on the road or make your car run dangerously.

In-car entertainment has been a growing feature over the years now that tablets and iPads have risen in their popularity. As technology improves, it’s always important to remember as the driver that really your job is to drive and be 100% focused on the road. It’s nice to install television screens in headrests behind you but if you’re busy listening to the latest drama in Eastenders instead of worrying about the road ahead then it becomes dangerous. Did you know that moving images are illegal within eyesight of a driver? So the front passenger is not allowed to watch Eastenders while you’re driving, even if they are huge fans.

Modifying your lights or reflectors isn’t always the best idea as you need to ensure your headlamps are showing a substantially yellow or white light. Tinting the reflectors at the rear means you will reduce efficiency in darkness and that isn’t allowed. If you’re looking to go online and buy add-ons websites like rudiemods.co.uk can give you some advice on the best things to do with your car. Remember that any changes to wheels and tyres can really alter the way your car runs on the road. Make sure any wheel or tyre modifications are approved by the vehicle manufacturer and provide adequate clearance between the tyres or bodywork.

Any suspension changes should only be done if the cars road handling won’t be compromised and these should be done by a proper and competent engineer. This is the same for any brake work and you should always, always seek advice from independent suppliers. One fun thing you can do to your car is personalise it with number plates. You have to ensure that the one you choose complies with current legislation and be displayed in the proper position and not be misleading to those around you.

Ultimately any changes you make to your car should be executed correctly and you should double check with every change you make that it is good for the car and is legal. You can change the dice hanging on the windscreen mirrors (while of course ensuring there are no distractions to the driver) but you can also change the seat covers, cover the steering wheel in fluffy pink material and add stickers on the bumper of the car. Your car is your domain and as long as you are careful with modifications and not making cut-and-shut vehicles then you’re well on your way!