Just like the maintenance owners spend to make sure their private cars work efficiently and safe to travel, aircrafts have this kind of maintenance too. Actually, a longer list of maintenance to do compared from other transportation vehicles. This is to make sure the safety of the passengers and the quality of the aircraft that is providing service. Whether be a commercial aircraft or the ones being used in the military, even those aircrafts being used as experiment or model need maintenance. And there are a few things to remember about maintaining an aircraft just when one checks gb-engineering.com to highlight maintenance services.

Annual Maintenance

Aircrafts undergo annual maintenance as a requirement. This applies not only to those aircrafts being used to travel but all other aircrafts actively being used. This annual inspection is in accordance with FAR to be done every 12 calendar months. Not to undergo annual inspection or maintenance will result to not operation of the aircraft. And if happens often, it may result to suspension of operation of the aviation or company or the individual using the aircraft.

VOR Inspection

The VOR inspection needs to be done every 30 days. Mainly, this is focuses on the accuracy of the aircraft. A wide range of checklist has to be done in order to comply with the VOR inspection. This goes with the navigation in flying, security measures available inside the vehicle and other tools to maintain and well inspected before takeoff.

100-Hour Inspection

This goes to an aircraft that is for hire. The aircraft needs to be inspected every after 100 hour of engine operation. The more frequent it is being used for hire, the more the aircraft needs to undergo this inspection. This is an assurance that the engine works well to maintain the time period of travel from one place to another. Frequency of usage affects the engine itself.

Emergency Locator Transmitter

The Emergency Locator Transmitter or ELT is required to be done every 12 calendar months. This inspection is required to make sure the emergency tools and safety measures of the aircraft are functioning well. In cases of emergencies, these tools need to work properly and if used, either it needs to be replaced or refilled.


It is required to be done every 24 calendar months. This is with the use of the radio signal of an aircraft. Though there are some aircrafts that don’t have a transponder, the rest of the aircrafts that has one needs to go under inspection to make sure signals are working properly.

Maintenance is very important not limited to an aircraft. In fact, every machine, tools or other equipment we use needs maintenance to make sure it will last long. It is being maintained not only to seal and agreement of usage with the machine or tool but also to ensure the safety of the individuals using it. The maintenance gb-engineering.com can provide really adequate the measures needed to support the needs of an aircraft.